Skutch Arlow Group

Consulting Services for Lenders

Creating Value For Lenders

Missed projections, cash shortfalls, forbearance agreements, no straight answers. When your debtor requires outside intervention, Skutch Arlow has the experience and capabilities to maximize your returns.

Situation Analysis. We analyze and report on your debtor’s short- and long-term viability. Our review provides you with an accurate assessment of your customer’s accounting, sales & marketing, operations, management and financial health.

Cash Flow. We prepare trustworthy financial projections that can provide a foundation for optimal decision-making.

Debtor Monitoring. When you need on-site review and reporting of your debtor’s operations, we’re there to provide you accurate and timely information.

Receivership. When it’s time for an independent third-party to assume control of a company, Skutch Arlow will take the reins. We are experienced Receivers, having worked in both State and Federal courts. We strive to maximize return for all stakeholders.

Liquidation. How much will you recover from a sale of the assets? We have the experience of preparing numerous liquidation analyses and will provide you with a realistic value of your collateral. We will also lead the sale process, converting machinery & equipment, inventory, accounts receivable and real property into cash.